Giant Doily Rug

Recently I endeavored to make a pretty rug for my mom. There was an…accident… in which I damaged her bedroom carpet. She has a big colorful one now that doesn’t really match the room, and I wanted to say sorry, as well as make her something pretty. Looking around I finally settled on this one over at craft passion. I liked the simple yet pretty design.

The pattern itself calls for clothesline or similar rope and a 10mm hook. I wanted a softer, indoor rug so I opted for Lion Brand thick and quick grey yarn and a 9mm hook. I think mine turned out pretty well!

Giant Doily Rug, with my little snuffly dog for added cute factor :)

Giant Doily Rug, with my little snuffly dog for added cute factor 🙂

I made one small change to the pattern in row 11. I noticed where it says to join to the first stitch in the chain and dc in each stitch from there, I ended up with a strangely shaped arc. I slip stitched in the top of the chain as written, then skipped 3 stitches to pick up between the chain and the dc in the previous row. Then, dc in each stitch across and slip stitched into the chain on the other side, as written. This ended up with a nice looking arc of dc above the previous row!

I hope my mom likes it!

Update: Tragedy! The rug is too small for the stain 😦 I will make a new one, maybe less complicated so I can just keep adding rows until it is big enough. Another post to come once I make a decision there.



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