Hair Bows!

I found this pattern over on Craftiness is not Optional, and immediately fell in love! I made one for myself, and it was a huge hit at the studio! Everyone wanted one, so I ended up making a bunch in different colors for the whole advanced group!


The colors didn’t come through on my little camera that well, but you can see how many I whipped up!

My sister wore hers to school the other day and everyone there thought they were super cute as well! I may send a bunch with her to sell to her friends. I’ll give them to my friends, but everyone else has to buy them!


Here’s one in action! Note my successful sock bun as well, I’m quite proud I finally got it to work!

I made a small adjustment to the assembly. Lacking a hot glue gun at home I did my patented crochet sewing method. I’m sure you can find a tutorial online somewhere, but basically slip stitches through the cloth of your project to attach the two parts together. This worked great. I tried the hot glue method as well (as described in the original pattern) and found that worked too. It was a little more secure if you attached a hair clip probably. I did a few with attached hair clips and a few left alone. You can easily slip a flat clip into the strings of the center wrap and that way use one clip for many bows.

These worked up so quickly I am sure to make a bunch more!


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